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The name of the company:Kester valve group co. LTD.

Core enterprise name:Kester valve group.

  • brand: KIST
  • Corporate goals: Recent goal: domestic industry top three long-term goals: international famous products, high-quality goods.
  • The spirit of enterprise:Science and technology innovation, science and technology support, technology achievements KIST.
  • Purpose of the enterprise:Create talent and lead the future.
  • Corporate philosophy:Lead the innovation, the brand achieves the future, the efficiency competes the market, produces the research union to create the perfect.
  • Enterprise slogan:Safety, environmental protection, energy saving.
  • Management concept:In order to achieve the goal, we should set up a team to innovate and promote the development.
  • Operation strategy:Improve the environment and improve the environment and surrounding ecology.
  • Business philosophy:The service reaches home, the service extends the market.
  • Code of conduct:Honesty, practical life, scientific and technological development, industry reporting.
  • Enterprise value concept:Benefit mankind, create social value.
  • Quality policy:Innovation and dedication
  • Corporate management policy:Scientific management, continuous exploration, innovation, excellent quality.
  • The business goal:To be the leader of the world valve industry in Asia.
  • Talent concept:People - oriented, industrial newspaper, reflect life and career value.
  • The quality concept:Known the world
  • Market concept:The destiny is linked, closely related, the common struggle, looks to the world.
  • Service concept:Timely, quick, satisfactory, perfect.

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